Thursday, 11 September 2014

SUM directory file system size approximate values in EHP upgrades

SUM directory file system size

SUM Directory - 30 -> 50GB (depends on how many SPs you downloading & upgrading)
Download Directory - 20 -> 40GB (depends on how many SPs you downloading)
DIR_TRANS - 30 -> 50GB
Database free space - approximate 20 -> 40% of your current Database size. Again, this is highly depends on how many level of Software Component s you are deploying. Large space is needed to build and store shadow repository in your current database. However, there's  < 10% increase of your current DB size after upgrade as the old DDIC, nametab, and etc will be deleted and replaced.
*SUM will alert if insufficient DB free space at the end of "Check" phase. For Oracle, you need to create tablespace PSAPSR370X manually.
Take my recent upgrade for example:
DB size before upgrade -> 348GB
DB size after shadow repository created (end of "Pre-Processing") -> 420GB

DB size after upgraded to EHP5 (downtime completed, before SGEN) -> 350GB (sometimes you'll notice your DB size is slightly smaller or same with size before upgrade due to the DB-Platform specific compression feature, eg: MSSQL 2008, Oracle 11g, DB6)